Borlo the pan-dimensional demon: “The red pom pom goblin”, sometimes looks like a medieval buffoon, other times he’s sort of a rhumba clown, sometimes he looks like a nurse and sometimes he looks like Virgin Mary; Sometimes he’s skinny and tall sometimes he’s short and chubby. Borlo is like that ugly character that shows up in your mind when you are trying to sleep and you don’t want to think of anything, he’s mischievous and sort of sadistic but we still don’t know his real motives, he seems to really like those little red cotton balls (he always wears a lot of them in all his suits), he also appears to talk with his hands that look like sock puppets but are actually his hands, he has rotten ugly yellow teeth and he’s crosseyed like Marty Feldman.

Bottomline; he’s a depressively-toned colorful freak, the life or death of the party depending on your perspective. However, there’s a deception to all this, Borlo Comix are by far not at all about Borlo but more so about the characters who end up crossing his path, they are the ones that tell the stories, they are the fascinating ones, the real cruel or magical ones, Borlo just so happens to thread on through a path of interesting people, and yes he loves to mess with them. This first volume is 84 full color pages long and it includes games ( a maze, a crossword and spot 33 differences )

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